Happy Thanksgiving Day! 


Thanksgiving is the second most popular holiday in the USA after Christmas. It’s always on the 4th Thursday of November. But how do people celebrate it? What’s the history behind Thanksgiving? 

On Thanksgiving Day, businesses, schools, universities, offices, supermarkets and more are closed. On this day, it’s the busiest period of traveling in the USA. That’s why the plane and the hotel prices are expensive. Futhermore, it can cause overcrowding. Due to the parades and busy football games, local transport may be disrupted.  

History about the Thanksgiving 

Most Americans assume that the pilgrim fathers  (the first English settlers in New England) celebrated a three day harvest festival at Plymouth Rock (where the city of Plymouth is today) with the native Wampanoag Indians as a thank you. Without the help of the native people, the settlers from Europe would not have survived the winter around 400 years ago, because they had nothing  to eat. The Native Americans showed the European people how to plan corn and help them to get well in the new land. In the year 1941, the US president Franklin D. Roosevelt appointed Thanksgiving as an official celebrating day. 

Why do people celebrate the Thanksgiving? 

Thanksgiving is the meaning of being thankful. The American Thanksgiving Day is the day for warmness, family and friendship. They gather all together and be thankful how good their health is and grateful for everything in life. Some people are writing everything on a piece of paper for what they are so grateful and then read it out loud. 

How do people celebrate the Thanksgiving day? 

All family and friends are being together and having a big meal together. But the important thing is not the food, it’s being together with your family or friends. A traditional dinner constitutes of a turkey, a filled pumpkin with different filling, mashed potatoes and a pumpkin cake as a dessert. There are also football games and parades too. 

Not only in the USA are people celebrating Thanksgiving also in other countries like in Canada, England and also in Germany too. Additionally, the Fridayafter Thanksgiving is called the „Black Friday“. It is a tradition that there is a large amount of sales in the shops on this day. This day is for the first Christmasshopping! 

I hope you have learned something new about Thanksgiving! Let us know. 

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