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The TikTok success story

I bet all of you have heard about TikTok, right? Because it’s everywhere now! It only started in 2017, and has now over 1 billion Downloads plus 1 million on Android TV, and another 100 million for the Video Wallpaper app, and that’s on Android alone! But how did all of this start? How is the company behind TikTok, ByteDance becoming a threat for companies like Google? 


There are a lot of inventions that were made in the past. A lot of them are very useful and some of them are not that important. I am going to talk about inventions which I think are very important.   

5 more minutes please!

Many of you probably know that everyone is really tired in the morning to wake up really early for school or you want to sleep 5 more minutes. But why are most of the students really tired in the morning?  What can help you to have enough sleep? What can help you to get out from bed in the morning really quickly?  

Do not cross the street!

If you cross the street, you will have to pay a fine or worse you will go to jail. This rule sounds crazy. But it is reality for the local residents of a street in the United States and Canada.