Queer characters in children’s TV

Can you name a children’s TV-Show with queer main characters? Probably not. 
Examples for those shows are „Schloss Einstein“ on KIKA or „Wizards vs. Aliens“ on CBBC. „The owl house“ and „Steven Universe“ also are great examples of those shows.  

In most of these shows, directors and writers had to fight for the story to feature queer characters. Often certain scenes were cut out (like the kiss between Zarya Moonwolf and Kitty Boon on the Nickelodeon Show „Mysticons“), because channels were afraid of the parents‘ negative reactions.  

I think it is extremely important to show/represent same-gender-relationships, because they are a part of our world and reality. The show doesn’t have to be about those characters, their identity or relationships. They can play any role, regardles of them being queer. For example, someone could have parents of the same gender. If children don’t see queer characters on TV or see them portrayed solely in a negative way, they grow up to believe those people aren’t normal and have prejudices against them. Also, they are more likely to believe themselves wrong, if they find out they are gay.  

Some parents wonder if children are ready to see gay marriage on TV. My answer: If they are ready to see a marriage, that includes gay marriage. So we should ask if children are ready to see marriage in general. That is a question which nearly every parent will answer with „yes“.  

Autor: em.sc 

Bild:  em.sc, Pixabay

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