ChatGPT: Language Model Revolution

ChatGPT is an innovative language model developed by OpenAI that has revolutionized the field of natural language processing. It has the ability to understand and generate human-like language, making it an ideal tool for a wide range of applications, from customer service chatbots to language translation services. 

ChatGPT is constantly learning and improving, making it one of the most advanced language models available today. This article will explore the history and development of ChatGPT, as well as its applications and potential future advancements.

This teaser and title were generated by an AI called ChatGPT. It’s pretty impressive, huh? 

Well, it can actually do a lot more than that. 

All of you have probably heard about ChatGPT. I mean, everyone’s been talking about ChatGPT since it came out 2 months ago! And now, it has gone back into the headlines thanks to its upgrade to GPT-4, and OpenAI’s acquisition by Microsoft. 

First of all, some basic info. 

ChatGPT is what is called an „AI“ or „artificial intelligence“. It’s basically an application that learns by itself. It learns more the more people use it. Kind of like us: For example, let’s say your friend tells you something about taxes. He tells you a fact and you remember it. And now, you know that fact and you might tell it to another friend. ChatGPT’s the same, only that this time, you are the friend and ChatGPT is you. ChatGPT learns, and if other people ask a question that has to do with that fact, ChatGPT might tell the fact. 

Now, ChatGPT is used for all kinds of stuff like help with programming, but also for doing homework (and by that I mean the ENTIRE homework and copying it). However, ChatGPT has one disadvantage: It does not have access to the internet, which means it is not a reliable information source, and sometimes, it even imagines sources. One company, however, it fixing that. And it’s not Google, not Apple, but Microsoft. 

That controversial Microsoft that restricted Windows 11 to PCs from 2017 or newer. That controversial Microsoft that is pushing Edge and a Microsoft Account to every Windows user. 

That controversial Microsoft that is desperately trying to get back into the online consumer space. 

And they struck gold with the acquisition of OpenAI, ChatGPT’s „maker“. And now, we jump to February 2023, and Microsoft just launched its „New Bing“, based on ChatGPT. And well, because Bing is a search engine, the „New Bing“ fixed three major issues with ChatGPT, which are no internet access and no or false sources. That also means the „New Bing“ knows about things that happened past 2021, which was also a problem with ChatGPT. 

So I wanted to try it, and there is a waitlist to get access to the „New Bing“. But boy is it monopolistic. Here is where we see desperate and controversial Microsoft again. 

First, you of course need a Microsoft Account to access it. But then, they give you an option to get further ahead in the waitlist. You need to download the Bing or Skype app on your phone, and you need to „Set Microsoft defaults on your PC“, which means…. 

  • Setting Microsoft Edge as your default browser, 
  • setting Bing as your search engine, 
  • setting MSN as your homepage, 
  • getting a Bing shortcut on your taskbar (as if two search boxes weren’t enough), 
  • getting „recommended“ websites in your favorites, 
  • and getting a Microsoft Edge shortcut on your desktop. 

And all of that on a Windows account that is connected to your Microsoft account. 

Basically, Microsoft tries to get more people to use Edge, and they are trying to revive Skype. 


But hey, at least the waiting list is gone! (As of April 2023)

Now, they are also restricting it to Microsoft Edge only, but at least they said they would expand it to other browsers as well, though you can skip it if you modify your user agent to be Edge.

But there is one more thing. OpenAI recently unveiled their new GPT-4 engine. According to them, it is more creative and can answer more complex questions more easily, and of course, it’s faster.

GPT-4 already rolled out to ChatGPT and Bing AI, however it is really slow on ChatGPT…

In the next article, I’m going to compare ChatGPT to Bing AI, so stay tuned for that! 


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