There are a lot of inventions that were made in the past. A lot of them are very useful and some of them are not that important. I am going to talk about inventions which I think are very important.   

1. The first invention is probably one of the most important ones in the list. It is school. A lot of people don`t like the school and always think it is not important for them and their future. That is wrong because you need to be educated for the college and a lot of jobs too.   

America has a good school system, but it hasn`t always been like that. It was Horace Mann who invented the modern school system that we use now. He was born in May 4, 1796 and lived in Franklin, Massachusetts. His father was a farmer so they hadn`t a lot of money. Mann hadn`t a lot of time in school when he was younger because they couldn`t afford it. But he used his freetime in the first public library in America so that he could learn some things.   

When he grew up, he became the Secretary of Education in Masssachusetts. Then in 1837, he realized his visions of a new school system.   

From there on, many states started using this system. In 1918, almost every state had been using the modern school system that we know now.   

I prefer the American school system and this is why I am writing about it and not about the German school system.  


2. The second invention is the airplane. It is a very important invention for humankind. The airplane makes it possible for us to travel around the world and transport a lot of things with us. Without it, we wouldn`t be able to travel as fast as we do now or even transport things fast.   

There are many different kinds of planes. There are planes we usually know and also there are fight jets. Small and big planes fast and slow planes and much more.  

The airplane was invented by two people. These two people are Willbur and Orville Wright also known as „the Wright Brothers“. Willbur Wright was born in April 16, 1867 and Orviller Wright in August 19, 1871.  The planes they built weren`t always powered by engines. The first planes they built were powered by the person who was wanting to fly it.   

The human powered plane was built in 1903. The planes couldn`t turn or do anything else but just glide forwards. The Wright brothers managed to improve the plane so that it could turn left or right.   


3. The third invention is the smartphone. We all use smartphones and you also might be using one to read this article. The smartphones help us with a lot of things. We can use them to communicate with friends and family or we can just watch something. Before the smartphone was invented, there were mobile phones. They aren`t called smartphones because they don`t have the computing functions for the normal usage. In the past, they also were useful for us but now they are just too slow, too small and too heavy.  

The smartphone is called smartphone because it is actually a small computer that you can transport easily. It helps you with its computing functions.   

The first smartphone was invented in 1992 and was released in 1994. It is called „the Simson personal Communicator“. Then the evolution of smartphones began. In 2000, the smartphones got internet connection. They were connected to 3G network which made it possible to have internet outside the radius of the internet router. In 2007, Steve Jobs released the first iPhone. It was the first phone with 4G and with a screen that had no keyboard. Its display only had the camera, speaker and a homebutton. Then in the next years, the phone began to get bigger and better.   


These are the most important inventions to me.   


Image: Pixabay  

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